【Luxury plan】 2 hours with all you can drink All 10 items 6000 yen

By using a coupon6000 yen

  • 10items
  • 325persons

All you can drink for +1000 yen for 1 hour extension!

Course menu

Bagna cauda, ​​carpaccio, main dish, pasta ...

I think that you can convince both quantity and quality (^ ^) /

◆ appetizer three Assorted

· Egg Royale

· Bra mermaid of cream cheese and tofu

· Shogoin Drained Radish Arabiata etc.

◆ carefully selected organic vegetables Bagna cauda

◆ Carpaccio with seasonal fish

· Oita san maki mackerel roasted carpaccio with Aomori made apple

· Hokkaido fresh scallops and white aspara - plum blossom white balsamic vinaigrette etc

◆ Scallop mussels champagne steamed saffron flavor

◆ Brand Pork Kyoto Po Roast Ham and Sprout

◆ Made from Wakayama ripe fig and tailored salad of Hokkaido

◆ Roast of Ibaraki's New Lotus Root and Italian Scamorca

◆ Roast wrapped in beef tongue stew

Concerning Sharan duck chicken thigh etc

◆ Today's pasta

Seasonal vegetables, Ricotta, Parma with two kinds of cheese Parma

Gorgonzola and Penne of black pepper etc.

◆ dessert

* Menus are subject to change depending on purchasing situation.Please note.

※ Plus 1,000 yen will change the hour of all you can drink to 3 hours.

Coupon that can be used

  • [For birthday · anniversary] Desert plate gift ★

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking and when visiting
    • Conditions of use

      Must be reserved at other ticket services not be used / 1 set once one / two persons or more / day before

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of April 2018

2018/02/06 update